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Pranic Psychotherapy

What is Pranic Psychotherapy?

Nowadays, most people are grappling with various emotional and mental issues like stress and anxiety to severe psychological disorders like depression, phobias and addictions. Pranic Psychotherapy is a revolution in treating psychological ailments as it introduces practical explanations and techniques to remove the negative thoughts and emotions from our system, thereby improving our health.

Psychological ailments are basically the result of the accumulation of negative thoughts, emotions and traumatic experiences, which are lodged in the Auras and Chakras. Releasing such energies normally requires months or years of traditional psychotherapy consultation sessions, while with Pranic Psychotherapy techniques you can safely and quickly remove them from your system as well as others. The result will be peaceful emotions, harmonising relationships, positive thinking patterns and good self-esteem.

Pranic Psychotherapy offers you the ability to quickly and safely release negative thoughts and emotions like fear, anger and resentment that may be limiting you from your greater potential. This course bridges the gap between the mind, physical body and the human energy system, providing new dimensions to traditional psychotherapeutic measures and practices.

What do we learn in this course?

  • Releasing and Removing phobias, addictions, compulsive behaviour, tension, anger, irritability causing stress with simple Self-Healing Techniques.

  • Shielding the Chakras

  • What is a protective web and how to seal?

  • Additional Scanning techniques /steps for more accuracy.

  • How to remove negative old programmes, patterns, behaviours embedded from long creating blocks in our progress.

  • How to Heal the effects of psychic attacks, panic anxiety attacks, ill-luck, financial crisis etc

  • We learn how to remove the negative energies which influence our emotional well-being (e.g., envy, jealousy, anger, etc.) of other people around you.

  • Extracting and disintegrating negative energies and patterns of self and others


Are you Interested?

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Duration: Two Days  

Fees - Rs. 7500

Eligibility: Basic Pranic Healing and Advanced Pranic Healing

Global Certification: World Pranic Healing Foundation, Inc. Manila

Benefits of this course:

  • Learn techniques to protect yourself from other people’s negative thoughts and emotions.

  • Learn special techniques to transform the sexual energies of our teenage children into intelligence and concentration.

  • Learn the psychological functions of the chakras to understand how their condition affects our life.

  • Understand how thoughts and emotions affect our thinking patterns and behaviour.

  • Learn to heal stress, addictions and improve relationships with your spouse, family, friends and co-workers.

  • Learn how to create shields on your Aura and chakras protecting yourself and others from the influence of negative energy.

  • Meditation – Learn The Meditation on Twin Hearts with Chakral Healing in this course.

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