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What is Advanced Pranic Healing ?

Advanced Pranic Healing represents a breakthrough in modern energy healing systems. It is a very advanced healing technique simplified for a common man. White energy as we all understand can be divided into 7 colours, each colour has a unique role because of its properties. In Advanced Pranic Healing, we will learn how to use colour Pranas effectively for accelerating the recovery of an ailing person. 

Advanced Pranic Healing has a more penetrating effect on the Aura, chakras and the physical body, it is more specialised and helps us to become more proficient healers. We learn how to effectively produce these colours from our chakras and use them for treating various ailments such as fever, stones, arthritis, cancer and many severe ailments. The powerful Twin Heart Meditation with self-healing is a very simple yet self-healing meditation helps us easily work on self-cleansing. This two-day workshop builds our confidence to become more compassionate proficient healers.

Benefits of Advanced Pranic Healing :

  • Accurate and better results in a shorter period 

  • Applying the properties of colour pranas to our day to life 

  • Advanced scanning techniques


  • Preventive Healing Techniques  

  • Blood cleansing, internal organs cleansing, master healing techniques 

  • Increasing immunity using self-healing meditation


Would you like to know more?

Register Now.

Duration: Two Days  

Fees: Rs. 7500

Eligibility: Basic Pranic Healing 

Global Certification: World Pranic Healing Foundation, Inc.Manila 

Advanced Pranic Healing

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