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What is Basic Pranic Healing ?

Basic Pranic Healing is designed for everyone, from students to engineers, doctors to housewives, parents to teachers as it introduces methods of a healthy living. The knowledge inside Basic Pranic healing is designed to empower you to take your complete well being into your own hands. Pranic Healing exposes the growing body of scientific evidence proving that healing energy therapy can be more effective and more economical than most conventional treatments. Complementing the medical system, a no-touch no drug healing modality, it helps us to understand the role of Prana and how it accelerates the rate of recovery by simply removing the blockages in the Aura Chakras. This is the basic and introductory course in Pranic Healing. It is an experimental course to discover one’s innate ability to heal.

What do we learn ?

  • Cleansing your energy body, chakras in the human body for better physical health with Prana. 

  • Scanning the Auras and Chakras help remove dirty energy before it can manifest as a disease. 

  • De-stress & revitalize instantly with the Prana. 

  • Improved Energy Levels with Pranic breathing techniques. 

  • We can heal ourselves & others from simple common cold to fever to any chronic ailment. 

  • Can be practised siting anywhere across the Globe. 

  • Self Healing 

  • Meditation on Twin Heart helps to achieve inner peace and calmness, better healthier relationships and good luck.


Would you like to know more?

Register Now.

Duration: Two Days  

Fees: Rs. 7500

Eligibility: Open to 16 years and above 

Global Certification: World Pranic Healing Foundation, Inc. Manila

Basic Pranic Healing

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