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This is how it began...

The Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga System was brought to the Delhi NCR Region way back in 1993 when one of the main Founder Members, Mrs Shakun Goyal who travelled to Chennai and experienced first-hand the marvellous benefits of this system from Master Choa Kok Sui’s early Disciples. Later that year Mrs Goel organised the first-ever basic pranic healing class in Delhi with over 60 participants.


The Pranic Healing Foundation of Delhi was founded in 1995, registered as a Trust with the active and enthusiastic participation of the early volunteers and students. With the dedication and hard work of Shakun Goyal as Managing Trustee along with her colleagues, the following years saw the establishment of various pranic healing conferences, orientation and workshop across key locations in Delhi Shakun Goyal ex-Managing Trustee and is now the founder Managing Trustee of ‘MCKS Food For the Hunger foundation Delhi' providing thousands of meals per day to the homeless and needy. The MCKS mission through the Delhi Foundation saw rapid expansion in the following decades first under the leadership of Hina Goyal, Nidhi Jain and  then under Gauri Sethi . Highly  accomplished professionals in their own right, Hina focused her energies on generating a high number of  Pranic Healing Students, thereby strengthening its grassroots presence and mass appeal of pranic healing. It was during her time Pranic Healing spread beyond south delhi and became a common household name in Delhi.


In the following decade the baton was passed to Nidhi Jain who focused her efforts on enhancing the quality of students by instituting regular nurturing sessions and weekly practice sessions. She was also instrumental in the establishment of the new foundation office at a more central and easily accessible location in South Delhi. The hallmark of her tenure as Managing Trustee was the significantly high number of Arhatic Yoga Students generated during this time. She was also instrumental in the planning and development of the Punjab Foundation, Expansion of the Delhi Foundation ,taking on next in line was Gauri Sethi who worked diligently on  Increasing the number of productive trainers the tenure saw the spread of pranic healing through its new affiliated Center in Delhi NCR , she has been instrumental in bringing Himachal , Haryana & Uttrakhand under the aegis of Delhi Foundation , her tenure saw large pranic healing retreats and many big public events to popularise pranic healing and demystifying it for the common man. The Pranic Healing system is currently well established in Delhi NCR under the name of MCKS Yoga Vidya Pranic Healing Trust, New Delhi with over 10 active affiliated centres, over 58 active trainers, over 100 Associate Certified Healers and 12 Certified Healers.


The Delhi Foundation subsequently established the Arhatic Yoga System (The Spiritual branch of Pranic Healing) in Delhi NCR Region, which currently has over 2500 practitioners. The objective of this system is to produce highly refined and productive individuals in their respective areas, who will be beacons of light and hope for the rest of Humanity. The foundation is managed by a qualified and dynamic team of professionals from various walks of life with a cumulative healing and teaching experience. Their efforts are focused on realising the Master’s vision of having at least One Pranic Healer per household. When this is achieved, there will be ‘Heaven on Earth’ and the pain and suffering of Humanity will be substantially alleviated.

A Message For Our Pranic Family !


My Dearest Pranic Family!

A Pranic Healers daily conduct must bear the hallmark of excellence and must reveal that he is the follower of Master Choa Kok Sui. As we hear about the life of Master and His Mission and Vision, we observe how He conducted Himself following the teachings of the path. Always a kind word, a sense of humour even in the tensest of situations, spreading love wherever He went, and always grateful to His teacher as He continued to fulfil his journey.

As disciples of a perfect living Master, who left us with a responsibility to carry His Work forward we have to adhere to His teachings and way of life. But how often does our behaviour or our attitude raise questions about who our Master is ? Do we, in our everyday actions, reflect the teachings ?

Just as strangers were drawn to the unique presence of MCKS so should we strive to attain this quality. Sure, we may feel that he was a Master, and we are merely disciples who are struggling on the path. Yet, as disciples we should aim to walk in the footsteps of the Master; that is, to be like him, and to do our best to live according to the teachings. We should learn to live our everyday lives in such a manner that eventually our entire being becomes an expression of His teachings and His empowerment.

Nothing happens by chance I am sure all of us would have heard these words many times. We were all guided and taken into the fold of our beloved teacher.He has left us with His teachings and blessings to help ourselves first and then take on His mission. Every person's future is our future, whether you’re related to them or directly invested in their lives or not. This is the true essence I found in the teachings of Master Choa Kok Sui.

All of you are the future leaders, entrepreneurs and change-makers who will create the world of tomorrow. To follow and fulfil the vision of our beloved Guru Grand Master Choa Kok Sui the Fortune of the World.

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