Higher Courses
  • Higher Clairvoyance

    Clairvoyance refers to the desire to see through the human form; the ability to see the energy body, the chakras, and other subtle vehicles. Master Choa Kok Sui is known

  • Arhatic Yoga Higher Levels

    Arhatic Yoga is not merely a workshop. Arhatic Yoga itself is a multi-year, multi-level curriculum. There are several stages of arhatic yoga – each of which

  • Teachers Training Course (TTC)

    If you are involved in helping to promote the teachings of Pranic Healing as an Educator, then we welcome you to enter the Teacher Training Course (TTC).

  • Pranic Healing Certification Program

    The Pranic Healing Qualification Program was developed in response to the need to include a matrix for both structured coursework and professional practical

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