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Meet The Master
Our Founder

At an early age, Grand Master Choa became interested in spiritual topics and energy healing. He studied the works of the Rosicrucians, Theosophy, Astara, Huna, Kabbalah, and numerous similar systems. His formal training as a chemical engineer and his sense of practicality helped him formulate his step-by-step approach to healing that later became the Pranic Healing system.

For 20 years, Master Choa traveled virtually non-stop, personally instructing students in over 60 countries on 6 continents. Before his passing on March 19, 2007, Master Choa finished 25 books published in more than 30 languages and saw more than 100 Pranic Healing Centers established in over 90 countries. The philanthropic arm of the organization, the MCKS Charitable Foundation, runs feeding programs in various countries, funds medical assistance for poor patients, and contributes to disaster relief the world over.

Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, through his research and experiments, conceptualised a comprehensive method that helps in cleansing and energizing the energy system which pervades the physical body, thus accelerating the rate at which the body can heal itself. Through his teachings and practical application of Pranic Healing, he demonstrated that energy is an important factor in healing not only the physical being but also to each and every home across the globe.

Our Mission
  • The target is to produce one Pranic Healer for every family.

  • One Arhatic Yogi for every one thousand people out of the present population of about seven billion people. The target is to produce seven million Arhatic Yogis.

  • Out of every ten Arhatic Yogis one senior Arhatic Yogi will be produced. A total of seven hundred thousand senior Arhatic Yogis will be produced.

  • Out of every one hundred Senior Arhatic Yogis the target is to produce one baby Arhat or seven thousand baby Arhats.

  • Out of every hundred baby Arhats the target is to produce one fully matured Arhat or a Great Arhat.

  • A total of seventy fully mature Arhats or Great Arhats.

  • Out of the seventy great Arhats hopefully three Holy Masters or three Great Ones will be produced.

  • If this can be done within one hundred fifty years time the world will change, be transformed and progress beyond recognition. If this objective can be accomplished, we can have heaven on earth.

The Legacy
World Pranic Healing Foundation (WPHF)

Pranic Healing is a simple and extremely effective technology that can be administered to patients with almost instant impact. The efficiency of Pranic Healing makes it the ideal healing tool for millions of people suffering from a number of diseases that do not have access to medication. It was with this thought in mind that Grand Master Choa Kok Sui wanted to introduce Pranic Healing to all parts of the world.

The World Pranic Healing Foundation was founded on 23 July 1990, with a simple start of approximately 6 employees. Office sessions were arranged around a stack of Pranic Curing Texts, the connection was the dedication to the practise of the Gurus. In its first year alone, the Foundation was able to produce more than 3,000 graduates from seven different regions of the Philippines. Initially sponsored by Master Choa and the Institute for Inner Studies, the Foundation gradually attracted other benefactors allowing the organisation to continue the work of propagating Pranic Healing throughout the Philippines as well as in other developing countries such as Indonesia, India and parts of Africa and Asia.

To date, the Foundation, in addition to its branch office in India, has been able to help spread Pranic Healing in Indonesia, Bhutan, Nepal, Malaysia, Hongkong, Thailand, Srilanka, Singapore, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Cyprus, Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, China, Pakistan, The Gambia, Benin, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Niger, Ghana, Togo, Nigeria, Senegal, Kenya, Rwanda, Zambia, Tanzania, Mauritius and South Africa. Pranic Healing will continue to expand and spread out in the next few years to more and more countries.

Today, the Foundation has produced hundreds of thousands of Pranic Healing graduates and, with Master Choa's blessings, has inspired many donors from among Pranic Healing graduates from around the world. The Foundation also founded healing centres in other parts of the Philippines: the Cebu Pranic Healing Center in Cebu City on the island of Cebu, established in 1992, and the 6th Branch of the World Pranic Healing Foundation in Iloilo City on the island of Panay, established in January 2001. In addition, the 1st international branch office was established in Bangalore, India in 2009 (World Pranic Healing India).

The World Pranic Healing Foundation, India is tasked to help spread Pranic Healing in other parts of the region not covered by the Indian Pranic Healing foundations, including the Middle East, and Africa.

With the support of its donors, the Foundation has not only been able to continue its international operations in developing countries, but has finally been able to purchase its own office.

The International headquarters of the World Pranic Healing Foundation maintains its head office in Makati, Philippines.

Address: Unit 2210, Medical Plaza Ortigas, 25 San Miguel Ave, Ortigas Center, Pasig, 1605 Metro Manila, Philippines

Phone: +63 2 635 9732

World Pranic Healing India

Address: 2nd Floor, 12, Bowring Hospital Rd, Tasker Town, Dharsons, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001

Phone: +91 9874744553


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