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The mantra 0M, as changed by GrandMaster Choa Kok Sup, is a sound similar to Aum or Amen Its purpose is to blend one's individual consciousness with Divine Consciousness- Powerful energies emitted by this recording can be used to disintegrate and negative energies in the mediator, as well as the environment. It's great for cleansing. Divine energizing. removing stress. elevating one's Consciousness. and it creates an energetically Clean. Peaceful and Spiritual Environment. Perfect for meditation rooms, healing rooms. and purification of places after arguments!

Om - The Divine Sound (CD)

  • Some of the benefits of this mantra:

    • Universal mantra bring down Ovine Energies

    •  Play during meditation

    •  Purifying effect on a room

    •  Cleansing of jewelry and other objects.

    •  Raising the vibration of a place

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