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Orientation and Seminars


Welcome to Corporates, Business-persons, Students and NGOs to the World of Subtle Energies. 

Our Seminar on Pranic Healing covers simple yet very effective techniques to release our day to day stress a no-touch, no-drug therapy for physical and psychological wellness acclaimed  globally.

The revelation of correct breathing and Meditation techniques enhances  our Energy Body and Chakras which play an important role in our complete  well being. Key Benefits of this program if practiced regularly yields amazing results like: 

  • Better RelationsShip 

  • Releases Stress 

  • Good Self Esteem 

  • Improves Productivity 

  • Enhances Financial Growth


1 hour 15 minutes


*For sponsorship or discounts contact the Foundation Office.

Contact: +91-11-41021738, 9560 900 900, 9560 570 900

Address: Ground Floor, H-1555, Chittaranjan Park, New Delhi - 110019
Terms and Conditions apply.


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