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Distant Healing and Counselling


Counselling helps release what is we have been holding  inside us . This   helps you to address your problems in a positive way by helping you to identify the issues, explore options, develop strategies and increase self-awareness and introduce you to the Concept of Healing with Prana. 

Remember a time when you felt low or were sad a simple text or a phone call from a friend cheered us ,  remember hugging or talking to someone helped you release the things which you were holding up, by simply transference of energy helped us to heal ourselves, this is what a Counselor does!

Distant Pranic Healing operates on the basis of two main Laws : 

  • Principle of Interconnectedness.  

  • Principle of Directability. 

Healing Results are achieved by simply applying the two laws efficiently as we are all energetically interconnected through the energy system of the universe, while the Principle of Directability applies to the ability of the healer to direct energy through that  thought-power.



  • No Touch, No Drug.

  • No Side Effects .

  • Accelerates the Healing Process for complete well being .

  • Can be availed in the comfort of your homes.

Fees - Rs. 1500


40 minutes


*For sponsorship or discounts contact the Foundation Office.

Contact: +91-11-41021738, 9560 900 900, 9560 570 900

Address: H-1555, Ground Floor,  Chittaranjan Park, New Delhi - 110019
Terms and conditions apply.

Disclaimer- Pranic Healing is not intended to replace modern medicine and treatment. It is a holistic wellness energy approach.


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