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The Chakras and Their Roles are a collection of the teachings on the 12 main chakras of the body and their importance for the inner workings of our energy body. Awareness of the chakras and their roles is very important to the pranic healers as they form the basis of their practise of healing and teaching. This book is a helpful reference guide to chakras and also contains a section on character development and disseminating the teachings of Master Choa Kok Sui, which is the responsibility of any pranic healer. It aims to be a vault of knowledge on the various chakras of the body in an open format.

The Chakras and Their Functions

  • New students and even non-pranic healers would find the richness of expertise especially useful. Within, you will find: 

    • Very simple and thorough diagram of each chakra. 
    • The physiological and psychological functions of the chakras; 
    • The points of acupuncture corresponding to the chakras 
    • The Taoist and Indian communication of each chakra;
    • Conditions of malfunctioning chakras and how to handle them in order to bring equilibrium to the mind and body of a human. 

    The Chakras and their functions are a real treasure chest and a must-have in every library of the Pranic Healer.


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