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What is Pranic Self Healing ?

Long hours at the workplace, meetings with customers, interviews and other work-drains a lot of vitality from our bodies. So how are we going to live our social life beyond our working hours? Almost all of us ask this question time and again. The Pranic healer will definitely cure us and make us feel better even after our most stressful days. But what if we don't have a healer among us? Who's curing us then? Oh, if you're a Pranic healer yourself, there are some very simple healing mechanisms.

Not only will you energise the exhausted body, you can heal illnesses through scanning, washing and energising the damaged portion of the body or the affected chakras of the human body. Self-healing is a healthy and simple way to get a body, mind and soul.

Various self-healing approaches

There are different ways we can cure our bodies. What we need most of all to cure ourselves is fresh Prana. There's Prana all over us. There's sun prana, air prana, tree prana, land prana. Earlier travellers used to rest under huge, ancient trees, and after a while they used to feel calm and energised, so their bodies would consume prana trees and air from around them. This may have been used as one of the ancient ways of using prana for self-healing.

In modern times, we know the logic behind the higher phenomenon, and we can actively cure our bodies by opening ourselves to the prana surrounding us. If we open ourselves to the light, we will consume the sun's prana. Rolling barefoot on the field is going to support us with the ground prana. Proper Pranic breathing exercises will help one breathe prana air.

How do we cure a particular part of our body? It's nothing like healing someone else. It includes scanning the infected part, washing the dirty energy and energising the body part with fresh energy. What if we get any pain? So how do we cure ourselves? In this scenario, we should do the distant healing of that part of the body much as we can do the distant healing of a person out of our control.

During this workshop you will learn:

  • What is energy and how does it work?

  • Principle behind distant healing

  • How can we heal from simple ailments from physical to emotional?




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