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Higher Clairvoyance


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Duration: Two Days 

Eligibility: Arhatic Yoga Level 1 

Global Certification: World Pranic Healing Foundation, Inc. Manila 

What is Higher Clairvoyance ?

Clairvoyance refers to the desire to see through the human form; the ability to see the energy body, the chakras, and other subtle vehicles. Master Choa Kok Sui is known to develop methods that are very basic and convenient to use. MCKS Higher Clairvoyance is an exclusive system that unlocks hidden rules, values and ancient mysteries that have been used to create the faculty of clairvoyance.

The Higher Clairvoyance course exposes mysterious concepts and ancient mysteries for the creation of "Higher Eyes" which is also known as "Inner Eyes," "Heaven Eyes" or "Buddha Eyes" in Eastern Literature. By using these more sensitive "cameras," the spiritual practitioner can easily and securely sense the aura, the chakras, and other subtle forces. The primary aim of clairvoyance is to see through the physical world and to extend it to healing.

During the workshop, approximately 90 percent of arhatic yoga graduates would be able to see auras and subtle forces during class time. The majority of the students would then be helped to see advanced techniques in the early part of the lesson by Master Choa Kok Sui. This is by far the most technical and result-oriented clear-sighted growth course in life. Any theory and mechanism is explained in detail and then applied in an exhaustive manner.

It's a blessing to be a clairvoyant. It gives you freedom and the potential to see what is usually not understood to anyone, the ability to look at objects, events and circumstances on a deeper perspective, beyond physical appearances. It gets you closer to the facts, then! This workshop is highly recommended for healers, spiritual practitioners and those seeking the truth.

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In this workshop, Master Choa reveals the secrets for the activation of this faculty, including: 

  • Modelling the chakras and the energetic rhythms of the High Stage Clairvoyant. 

  • Quick and effective methods to sensitise the brain cells to capture subtle experiences. 

  • A special brain-sensitivity meditation to capture your experiences. 

  • Using your knowledgeable abilities to do healing and therapy.

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